bloodshot freestyle, pt. II歌词

添加日期:2022-08-14 时长:03分13秒 歌手:Demxntia

loodshot red
got this pain in my head
i can never sleep i'm
making music instead
working every night
i think i'm halfway dead
or almost there, ion
even think i care, but
mom's getting worried
at the habits i have
i apologize for
everything in the past
doing **** shit everyday
and skipping all of my classes...
bloodshot part two, yeah
guess i never found out
where my minds been at
still somewhere in between
being happy and sad
we was broke in the past
thought i needed a bag
it's funny how i feel the same
as i did way back then
i just wanna make sure
that all my people's good
if i could take on all they problems
then i promise i would
i know that ion really
talk to em as much as i should
but i try to hit em up
from time to time
i hope they ain't misunderstood
like i...
don't give a ****, cuz i do
need to find balance in my life, yeah it's true
but it's just so many things i gotta do
i can't keep up with myself
it's really nothing left to prove
but i can't prove to myself
that i'm enough-
can't breath for just a second
made 6 figures now i'm shooting for the 7th
all my family and friends
is asking the same question
like what's the point in working so hard
if you still stressing?
well honestly this shit gives me purpose
to stay alive while i'm hurting
and prove that your life is worth it
as long as you stay determined
and for them haters who lurking
i'm flexin cuz i deserve it
can't tell me shit cuz i earned it
you rappers clowns in a circuis tryna network
i ain't shaking hands
i only care about my networth
cuz money never left me
when i started doing better
if jealousy a disease
i guess they all under the weather
friends come and go
but i stay ten toes down
i could afford to lose em
but i can't afford to slow down
steadily making moves
but i'm still living in my hometown
florida what i'm used to
but i know that shit could go south
seen it happen since a jit, but shit
that's how it goes down
you'd **** around and get robbed
down the block from my old house
walk home on different roads
you could never take an old route
it's better to mind your business
never be a witness
cuz even if you wit it
you could end up missing
but i'm just reminiscing
ain't had no pot to piss in
how everything i got now
used to feel so distant
and i remember wishing
for somebody to listen
to the tracks i made
and what i had to say
even if it's just a second
and it's insane how i
still feel the same as i did
in the beginning, i
hate to complain but in my brain
i still ain't really livng
i'm, working twice as hard
to prove my existence
though i'm exhausted
i don't wanna admit it...编辑于2022/08/14更新






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